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Home destroyed, school flooded, but student never misses a day”,

            In this article “Home destroyed, school flooded, but student never misses a day” by Rose Arce it talks about kids who have been effected by the hurricane and how school was effected by this. A 13-year-old Ryan Panetta was one of these children. Ryan house was destroyed and is now living in a temporary apartment beneath theBrooklynBridge. This apartment is about 2 hours from his school and is still agusting to his new school. Just because of this flood he still hasn’t missed a day of school along with his other three siblings. Even though they have lost a lot and have suffered his parents never forget there most important things, their children. “We lost so much. All our things, the stove I’ve cooked so many meals on, the home my children were born in, the kids’ toys, everything except, thank God, the most valuable thing in the world, our kids,” said Karen Panetta, Ryan’s mother. “We can rebuild everything else. And we will.”

This article has an impact on the world by showing how important school is and how much dedication one should have.  Ryan Panetta was a great example to show how much dedication goes into school along with how important it is to always go to school when possible. It is amazing that a 13 year old kid when take so much dedication into going to school even if it is about a 2 hour drive to school. This article will hopefully impact the world and show how important school is to go.

Arce, Rose. “Home Destroyed, School Flooded, but Student Never Misses a Day.” Schools of Thought RSS. N.p., 10 Dec. 2012. Web. 10 Dec. 2012.

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